Terms and Conditions of Sales

All orders are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Any conflicting terms, even if not explicitly denied by us, shall have no legal standing. After placing the order and/or reception of the delivery, the customer accepts our terms and conditions.

Framework Agreement for the External Companies

Our purpose is the protection of life and health of all.

Safety and health protection is, therefore our, top corporate priority. Any contractors undertake to adhere to all applicable laws, enactments, accident prevention regulations, security rules and norms. Please download Framework Agreement for the external companies and send the signed printout of page 3 to HEINRICH HUHN in good time before commencing works for the principal.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Any deliveries, services and offers of our supplier shall be performed solely on the basis of these terms and conditions.

They are an integral part of all contracts concluded between us and our suppliers on the deliveries or services offered by them.

Quality Policy

Customers of the Heinrich Huhn GmbH + Co. KG and der Huhn PressTech spol., s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the 'HUHN') are well-known system suppliers as well as well-known automotive manufacturers. The HUHN have set themselves the objective to surpass the expectations of their customers in terms of on-schedule delivery of high-quality, high-grade, fault-free and environmentally compatible products for competitive prices.

Flawless condition, at any time, and reliability of the purchased parts, materials and services, as well as proven process and quality capability of the supplier make a decisive contribution to achieving this objective. Quality of our supplier is thus an integral part of the HUHN's product quality and requires full integration of their suppliers in their management system.

Therefore, we will include our suppliers into quality planning of new projects in an early stage as much as possible.

We endeavour to continue our development on a joint basis with our best suppliers, as it is only through outstanding deliveries that we will be able to master the future successfully.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Certificates of Heinrich Huhn, Hützemert

Certificates of HUHN PressTech, Vráble