The Werthmann Workshops are visiting Heinrich Huhn

"I couldn't imagine it is so huge", so Klaus Janda. Klaus Janda works in the industrial assembly team of the Werthmann Workshops, Attendorn, a division for physically and mentally handicapped persons.


Since 2006, they have been assembling rivet packages, a small subassembly for brake carrier plate for the  Heinrich Huhn Company in Drolshagen-Hützemert. So it was logical for all 26 employees (handicapped persons) of the working team to visit the company to learn about further processing of the rivet package they assemble.

They learned there that these parts had an important function in the drum brakes of passenger cars and were supplied to all parts of the world.

""We produce many safety-related and functional components for the automotive industry"", tells Alexander Huhn, Director of the Heinrich Huhn GmbH and Co KG, while describing their product portfolio.

The handicapped persons could see the entire production from
manufacture of the braking parts, through housing for airbag systems up to gear and steering components.

They were visibly impressed by huge presses and robots.

More than 300 people work at the Hützemerter plant, and 100 persons more - at the Slovakian branch.

An employee remarked ""We are bigger!“ just for fun. Actually, more than 500 handicapped persons are employed at the moment at the Werthmann Workshops. The employees were particularly proud of the polo shirts with the company logo print that they could take to Attendorn after their visit as gifts.