Roll out of the "s3-12e" sponsored by Heinrich Huhn

A new 274-kilo heavy electric racer of the race team ""Speeding Scientists Siegen e.V."" of the University of Siegen was presented last Friday (July 6) with a light show and fog.

The ""s3-12e"" will participate in the Formula Student series in the coming season.

A new racer, still veiled, stood in the main hall. First, the guests were greeted by the ""Speeding Scientists"" Ramona Haner, Leiterin Chassis and Simon Lachnitt, Head of Electrical Engineering. In his speech, Professor Dr. Peter Haring Bolivar, the Chair for High Frequency Technology and Quantum Electronics and Prorector for Research and Young Scientists of the University of Siegen, presented the successes of the team that were already acquired. The team already gained the ""Best Newcomer 2009"" award in Formula Student in 2009. ""We are very happy to have been able to support and were fascinated already back then"", recalls Professor Haring-Bolivar and adds:

""The University of Siegen is proud of you.""

The Sponsor Roland Huhn (Director of the Heinrich Huhn GmbH & Co. KG, Drolshagen) and Professor Dr.-Ing. Bernd Engel (Chair for Forming Technology of the Mechanical Engineering Department) pointed out the uniqueness of the interdisciplinary cooperation going far beyond the boundaries of the mechanical engineering.

The team also includes numerous female members.

The team ""Speeding Scientists Siegen"" alias ""s3 Racing Team"" developed the ""S3-12e"" - the 2012 model - according to the strict technical and financial requirements of the Formula Student competition. Thus e.g. the weight was reduced by 30% compared with the previous year model to enable improved acceleration.

Driving behaviour, battery system and ergonomics of the driver's seat were redesigned.

Photo presentations and video clips provided an idea of the team's work over the past year and dramatically led to impressive unveiling of the bolide.

Racing enthusiasts swiftly gathered around the vehicle.

The new speedster with torque of 1108 Nm, acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3.8 second and maximum speed of 115 km/h will go off in the Formula Student series in August and September in Barcelona (Spain) and also in Hockenheim.