Quality label "Outstanding Vocational Training Facility 2013"

On July 12, 2013 our company was awarded a quality seal "Outstanding Vocational Training Facility 2013" by Judith Grefe, Director of the Ertragswerkstatt GmbH in Werdohl.

The "profitability-oriented" consultancy company initiated certification of the training organisations, to provide young people guidance as to quality of the training organisations in our region.

The quality seal stands for...

  • high engagement of the company in the vocational training,
  • high satisfaction of the trainees
  • and a positive rating of the training situation given by the trainees.

The quality seal is based

  • ...on the results of an anonymous survey among all apprentices of the enterprise at the beginning of 2013 and
  • and the results of the training performance indicators.

We are pleased about this award, as it is the proof of the good job done in the course of training and satisfaction of our trainees.

The Ertragswerkstatt is a team of business psychologists, which, on the basis of the research results, elaborates solutions and tools for actual problems and tasks in both business segments

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