New trainees at Heinrich Huhn

A new training year started on the 1st of September.

A new phase of life started thereby for six young people at the Heinrich Huhn Company.

Two machine and equipment operators, a cutting machine operator and three tool mechanics will be trained this year. And to our particular delight, there is a young lady, who has chosen a technical profession.

Currently, the Heinrich Huhn Company trains 23 trainees in 7 professions: tool mechanics, industrial mechanics, cutting machine operators, electricians, machine and equipment operators, engineering draughtsmen and logistics warehousing personnel.

In the anniversary year of 2012, the enterprise plans helping 9 young people to make a good start into their career. 

Mr. Klaus-J├╝rgen Clemens is in charge of training in a professionally equipped training centre supported by numerous colleagues from specialist departments.

Along with good supervision, the trainees get the chance to take a closer look at the subsidiary Heinrich Huhn PressTech in Slovakia.

This year four trainees gained an opportunity to have an insight not only into technical processes but also the culture, country and people during 3-week stay there.

From left to right:
Tool mechanics: Linda Strahlenbach, Fabian Schneider and Marius Tump
Industrial mechanic: Jeevithan Chandrakumar
Machine and equipment operators: Patrick Bonn and Ibrahim Ibrahim