Health management on the test stand

"ou won't get far without a worker's council and managers!

Heinrich Huhn subjects its health management to critical analysis:

In the framework of a practice-oriented project of the Institute for Human Factors of the Ruhr University Bochum, ten project experts are dealing with the thematic field ""Organisation of the quality-oriented personal management."

The quality management plays a key role at the Heinrich Huhn Company.

All business processes are aligned with the high quality requirements of the automotive industry.

The first conclusion of the project group:

Health is the top priority of the company management and employees.

It is an important factor, which contributes to implementation of the corporate principles – an efficient and comprehensive use of technical knowledge, sustainable production and, in particular, the respect for the employees and environment.

Other corporate principles are: Openness and trust.

Constantly increasing requirements to quality management of the automotive suppliers lead to ever greater stress at the workplace.

This challenge must only be coped with through a dialogue between the management and employees. In the course of the project work it became apparent that these prerequisites form a basis of a successful health management.

Moreover, Heinrich Huhn is also aware of societal and demographic changes.

Thereby, the need to take on the challenge ""Health at workplace"" is increased.

Cooperation with the quality-oriented enterprise was an interesting task for the project experts of the Institute for Human Factors with the focus on elaboration of organisational measures, which would instigate changes of the health management at the Heinrich Huhn Company.

Dr. Martin Kröll delivers the project report on health management to our Director Elmar Huhn.