Happy anniversary celebration

Our guests celebrated on June 15 and 16 the 100th anniversary of the HEINRICH HUHN Company in Hützemert under the motto "In gut shape – for 100 years."

Impressions from the anniversary event and preparations in "Coillager" compiled by DES WAHNSINNS FETTE BEUTE Agency.

The anniversary event attracted a total of 1,000 visitors including employees, retirees and business associates with their families and relatives. It took the cousins Roland, Alexander and Elmar Huhn two days to present the entire review of the century and make all guests experience successful development of the family enterprise run in the third generation.

Celebration took place at the Company location in Hützemert suited to the occasion.

The production environment had been redesigned into an event area without further ado to create appropriate ambience. Objects of the everyday work served as decorations.

Equipment and machines offered a spectacular background. With a passion to detail, the production lines were e.g. converted into a light show, the several-ton heavy steel belts presented a huge anniversary figure "100", while a tool storage was turned into a ""tool bar"" to the amusement of all present. The product display presented also a living piece of the history. Divided into small groups and wearing historical costumes, the trainees of the Huhn Company made an exemplary presentation of some of the numerous product highlights of the past hundred years: our apprentices had demonstrated product participation and evolution of the company by presenting eight exhibits in total, from tube furnace of the 40s through the Kreidler Florett of the 60s and Opel GT of the 70s up to the contemporary BMW Mini. A special moment was created by the appearance of the 85-year-old Fia Huhn – the youngest daughter of our company founder Heinrich Huhn. First she addressed the guests with a short anecdote of her father. She told a story about a tireless man, for whom the enterprise had always been a life elixir and even sound of the machines served as an impulse generator for new developments. That made even more impressive the performance of the Splash Band, whose percussion show caused furore. Using a variety of sound and rhythm instruments such as oil barrels, compressed air pistols and an angle grinder, and supported by a large-format video installation with rhythmically acting stamping presses, they presented their "Industrial March" composition, a unique soundtrack for a special occasion. "The history of the Huhn Company is closely connected to the history of the region and people. Today, looking back on the century-long development, we would like to thank everybody, who have contributed to this success", concluded the Directors. "In the third generation we still have desire for more. And even after another hundred years the name ‘Huhn’ should symbolise sound growth and progress, and inspire trust in people, who make all that happen day after day."


More than 1,000 guests participated in the anniversary celebration at the Hützemert site.

The entire production area was creatively integrated in the event concept just as these several-ton heavy steel belts.

Exhibition of our trainees offers a clear retrospective view of the people and products from the past hundred years.

The Splash Group provided acoustical and optical support of the highlight of the evening.

Small guests at the family party were also offered a diversified programme.