Asylum Applicants Start Training

On August 15, a new training year started for three tool mechanics and two cutting machine operators at Heinrich Huhn.


A special event of this year is that two asylum applicants started an introductory training for young people (EQJ) for a career of machine and equipment operators.
As both have only recently come to German as a result of refugee movement, this year serves for orientation in the German education system and, if appropriate, for preparation for the real training for machine and equipment operators.
Previously, they have completed a practise with Mr. Klaus-J├╝rgen Clemens, our training manager.

During the practise, the young men had proven their skills and taste for the subject matter despite linguistic difficulties and thus qualified for the EQJ.

As our employees speak only German with them and they attend a targeted German course, the language will cease to be an obstacle very soon.

""We would like to provide active support to refugees' integration in our land by creating career prospects"" says director Roland Huhn.